Idaho CPM New Graduate Announcement

June 21, 2021 9:50 AM | Patty Morgan (Administrator)

New Graduate Announcement by DHR                                                                    Boise, Idaho

The State of Idaho Division of Human Resources is proud to announce the graduation of 60

Certified Public Managers® for its 2019-2021 track. These individuals represent various public service agencies from all around the state.                Idaho’s program was established in 1999 and since that time, 677 public managers have worked to obtain the nationally recognized CPM® certification.

This graduating group began their professional development journey in October 2019. “It would be challenging to describe the volume of challenges this cohort has handled with high levels of professionalism, flexibility, and positive attitudes” describes the Program Manager, Jana Huffaker. “We want to recognize their dedication to continuing to serve the citizens of Idaho and determination to complete this rigorous program during a global pandemic.”

The impacts to the 26 agencies represented today are remarkable. Each participant must complete a capstone project at the end of the program. This project aims as improvement within agency operations. The estimated combined financial benefits of the cohort’s capstone work are well over a million dollars of increased efficiencies. This is in addition to the estimated

$39,000 of annual operational savings, and $477,000 of annual salary savings. The benefits of Idaho’s CPM graduates’ capstone work include more than just financial savings. Improving efficiencies in operations, improved customer service and satisfaction, increased employee retention and satisfaction, networking and volunteer coordination, and statewide collaboration efforts are just a few of the non-monetary impacts of their projects.

All of the 2021 CPM® graduates deserve recognition in their achievement of this national credential. Idaho would like to recognize a few outstanding capstone projects. We also award an  Idaho Connie Pratt award winner to recognize a participant with true CPM® commitment in honor of our chapter founder.

Askew Award:

Kathlynn Ireland, Idaho Tax Commission

Outstanding Capstone Awards:

Chase Cusack, Department of Environmental Quality

Clint Rogers, Department of Fish and Game

Shanae Meacham, Department of Corrections

Connie Pratt Award:

Robert Willingham

Congratulations to all 2021 Idaho’s CPM® graduates!

Department of Administration: Keri Fox

Boise State University: Fanny Wilson

Board of Tax: Cindy Pollock

Department of Environmental Quality: Chase Cusack, Charlie Parkins, Jennifer Cornell

Division of Human Resources: Michelle Peugh

Department of Health and Welfare: Craig Anderson, Chad Johnson, David Hegstrom, Heidi Tom, Jennifer Pinkerton, Lena Biondolillo, Mark Keylor, Marta Tanikuni, Rachel Johnson, Rebecca Jolley, Robert Willingham, Valerie Varner, William Deseron

Division of Occupational and Professional Licenses: Corrine           Dalzell, Warren Wing

Idaho Parks and Recreation: Brian DiLenge, Tara McClure-Cannon

Idaho Water Resources: Glyn Roberts

Commission of Libraries: Colleen Clark

Idaho Fish and Game: Clint Rogers, Justin Williams, Sara Focht, Tim Copeland Department of Juvenile Corrections: Dallas Payton, Dusty Telford Department of Lands: Drew Evans, Michelle Hermann

Idaho Military Division: Trevor Sparrow, MAJ. Jackson Gray, Lana Brenneman

Idaho Public Television: Jeff Tucker Department of Corrections: Shanae Meacham Idaho State Historical Society: Mackenzie Stone

Lottery Commission: Addie Merrell, Sherie Moody- St. Clair

Idaho State Police: Dessi Tulilova, Jenny Hecock, Justin Freeman, Kerry Hogan, Lori Hicks, Stephanie Holt

Idaho State University: Sarah Mead

Information Technology Services: Chris Smith, Wilma Robertson, Zaine Tarpo

Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho: Branden Kennah

Public Utilities Commission: Nancy Ashcraft

Soil and Water Conservation: George Hitz

Tax Commission: Kathlynn Ireland, Leah Parsons, Shanna Deitrick, Tony Magnelli

For more information about the Idaho Certified Public Manager® program, please visit

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