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Springhill Suites Atlanta, Buckhead


11:00 am         Member Orientation, Welcome and Introductions, Working Lunch

         Welcome & Overview – Cheryl Robertson, Consortium Chair  

         Introductions- Individual

         Why does the National CPM Consortium Exist? A brief history – Chip Taylor, Immediate Past-chair  

         What is the purpose of the National CPM Consortium? Our current role- Ellen Freeman-Wakefield, Chair-elect

         General affiliation- what is my program status? Stephanie Duncan, Secretary

         How is the consortium structured and governed?  Susan Buxton, Governance Committee Chair

         How is the Consortium funded?  Ann Cotten, Treasurer

         What do the Officers do? Officers Present

  •    What does the Executive Council do?  EC Members-at-large (MAL)  share their take on the role and activities of this year

         Organizational Chart- a review of structure: Cheryl Robertson 

         What is expected of me as a National CPM Consortium Board Member? Cheryl Robertson

         Where is the Consortium headed and how can I help?

  •     Strategic Goals– Ellen Freeman-Wakefield, Chair-elect 

  •     Committees & Task Forces, Ellen Freeman-Wakefield and Committee Chairs   

         What resources does the Consortium provide for me as a New Member? – Stephanie Duncan, Secretary

         Overview of Annual Meeting Schedule- Cheryl Robertson

         Welcome to Atlanta – Walt McBride

12:30 pm        Working Lunch

I.                      Call to Order – Cheryl Robertson, Chair   

II.                Roll Call- Stephanie Duncan, Secretary

A.                Recognition of Proxies

B.                    Report on Quorum

III.                            Rules of Order – Susan Buxton, Governance Committee

A.                  Adopt Rules of Order

B.                  Review Chart of Actions

C.                  Review rules for voting, being recognized by chair, etc.

IV.                           Administrative Reports & Action Items       

A.        Consent Agenda – Cheryl Robertson, Chair.      

Items on Consent Agenda may be approved in one motion by the voting members of the Board of Directors unless an item is removed for discussion at the request of a board member.

1. Report and Certification of Interim votes  
2. Program requests for Board approval
3.  2018 Initial Accreditation requests                
4.  2019 Continuing Accreditation requests
a.    Maryland
b.    Oklahoma
c.    Alabama
d.    District of Columbia
e.    Kansas
f.     Vermont
g.    Utah
5.      Administrator’s Report
6.      Financial Reports
a.      FY 2017-2018 Year End for review and approval
b.      First Quarter FY 2018-2019 for review and acceptance 
7.          Approval of Banking Resolution   

B.     Announcement of Election Results for 2018-2019 Board of Directors Charles Taylor, Nominating Committee Chair

1. Recognition of Nominating Committee
C.                  Executive Council Summary Report – Cheryl Robertson, Chair
V.                   Support of Current Strategic Goals - Goal Teams/Task Force/Committee Action Items

A.      New Accreditation Standards

VI. Support of Current Strategic Goals - Goal Teams/Task Force/Committee Reports
A.                  Continuous Professional Growth
B.                  Improve Operations
C.                  Marketing and Website
D.                  Program Support and Growth
E.                  Governance
F.                   NCPMC Legacy Task Force
G.                 Strategic Partnerships Task Force
H.                 Curriculum Improvement
VII.                         Accreditation Reports – Stephanie Duncan, Consortium Secretary Accreditation

Reports and highlights of program best practice will be presented for:

A.            Massachusetts – Initial

B.            Netherlands - Initial
C.            Iowa
D.             Mississippi
E.              New Hampshire
F.               Nebraska
G.             Pennsylvania
H.             Tennessee
I.              Photos
VIII.                       Board Executive Session - Administrator’s Evaluation – Cheryl Robertson

IX.                       Goal Teams Discussion - A full board discussion of the future dynamic and configuration of the NCPMC Goal Teams Process

X.                         Passing of the Gavel
A.      Certificates of Appreciation
B.      Special Acknowledgements
C.      Adjournment
6:30 pm Dinner at Springhill Suites (Included in Registration Fee)


8:30 am-4:30 pm        Mobile Workshop/Case Study – Facilitated by Georgia CPM

9:00 am                       Board motor coach to GA State Capitol and Museum Tour

9:30 am                       Capitol and Museum Tour

11:30 am                     Lunch in the Empire Room (*Included in Registration Fee)

12:30 pm                     Board motor coach to Auburn Avenue Research Library on

                                      African American Culture and History

12:45 pm-1:45 pm      Presentations – GA CPM Graduates

1:45 pm-2:45 pm        Stay at Library, or      

                                    Walk to Auburn Avenue Curb Market, or      

                                    Walk to Birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr.            

2:45 pm                       Motor coach to Carter Center

3:00 pm-4:30 pm        Tour Jimmy Carter Presidential Library                                   

4:30 pm-4:45 pm        Motor coach transportation back to Springhill Suites         

6:30 pm                       Group Dinner – Gordon Biersch – NCPMC/AACPM

                                    (*Cost included in registration fee)


Professional Development Sessions            Terry College of Business, UGA

8:30 am-9:30 am         Highlights from Accreditations

9:45 am-10:45 am      Affinity Roundtables 

11:00 am-12:15 pm    Terina Allen Joint Workshop

12:30 pm-1:30 pm      NCPMC & AACPM Joint Luncheon & AACPM Awards Presentation

1:45 pm-3:15 pm        Joint Closing Keynote – Mr. Douglas Wilson

3:15 pm                       Closing Remarks – Cheryl Robertson, Immediate Past Chair

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