NH Askew Award Winners - Demonstrating New Hampshire as an Employer of Choice

January 22, 2019 7:40 AM | Patty Morgan (Administrator)

Date:  May 18, 2018

Project Title:  Demonstrating New Hampshire as an Employer of Choice

Steven P. Bunker, Rebecca L. Eder-Linell

Sponsor: Sara Willingham, Director of the Division of Personnel

The purpose of this recruitment video is to demonstrate why New Hampshire should be an employer of choice.  We chose to approach this project by interviewing state employees through videography.  For this task, we decided on representatives from multiple agencies who are working in some of the more difficult-to-fill positions as well as those in positions that the general public may not know even exist.  At first, we focused on the position itself and its responsibilities, and then we were curious about why the employees first chose to work for New Hampshire and why they continue to work here.  We highlighted the tangible and intangible benefits of working for this State, and ultimately, why they would recommend New Hampshire as an optimal employer for someone looking for a career.

We invited New Hampshire employees to be interviewed in a neutral and controlled setting and in some instances, followed up by videotaping and photographing certain employees actually performing the essential functions of their job.  We found that the employees we interviewed were not only happy with their employment, but also passionate about the work they do and the services they provide to the citizens of New Hampshire.  It is our hope that by viewing the video, this message is evident to those who are looking for state employment.  It was our pleasure and privilege to meet and work with so many intelligent, hard-working, and dedicated employees who take pride in what they do. 

Key Words:



New Hampshire



Tangible Benefits

Intangible Benefits

Employer of Choice


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