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AACPM has a number of committees that provide opportunities for member participation in the operation of the Academy. These committees are the true workhorses of the Academy, providing the guidance, planning and execution of nearly all of the Academy’s activities. AACPM has two types of committees, as follows:

Standing Committees – Standing committees are those committees specifically identified in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Academy.  These committees require a vote of the Delegates to enact changes in purpose, name or makeup.

Committees of the Board – Committees of the Board are those committees established by the Board of Directors to carry out specific functions, projects or assignments felt by the Board to be important to address.  These committees are not named in the Academy’s Constitution and Bylaws.


Operations – This committee shall solicit nominations for Academy office and conduct the elections, propose changes or amendments to the Academy Constitution and Bylaws or Code of Ethics, act as the arbiter of charges brought against any member, and develop and maintain the Academy’s strategic plan.

Finance – This committee shall prepare the Academy’s annual budget for review and adoption at the annual meeting, and shall also receive the financial review and oversee the response thereto.

Communications – This committee shall review all Academy publications, edit the newsletter content and coordinate its distribution, maintain the web site, and control the use of Academy social media accounts.

Awards and Recognition – This committee, and its subcommittees where appropriate, shall annually select the Henning Award and Wilkinson Scholarship recipients, and coordinate the presentation of these awards and the Askew and Chair’s awards at the annual conference.

Society Support – This committee shall work with groups seeking to form new Societies, provide support and guidance to current Societies, and administer the Society Grant program.


American Academy of Certified Public Managers is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

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